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Table selection

Here is a brief summary of how to best table select in online poker.

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Once you run a poker application you automatically get directed to the poker room lobby. The poker room lobby shows all of the games currently available to play at that poker room. The poker lobby is normally split into sections, these section are normally cash games, multi table tournament and sit & go tournaments. Each sub section shows a list of tables available to play on, these tables normally have individual bits of information, and this gives you a better insight into how people are playing at each table.

If you are a new player and want to brush up a bit on your skills before committing real money to your poker account, you could always check out the Special/ freeroll tab on your poker lobby. From there you will have a selection of real money games that do not carry a buy in giving you the chance to earn money without and initial financial commitment. For the more involved poker player, information on each poker table is a big part of picking the right poker table for you.

Each table will let you know the flop percentage, average pot size and hands per hour. These three things can help you to determine the right poker table to suit your style of play. However not all sites currently disclose this information anymore, this is to stop "poker Sharks" from joining poker rooms with lots of inexperience and loose poker players, and trying to take all of their money.

Accurate table selection can be a good tool in the effort to maximise potential earnings from your poker session, you can use table selection to find a table that compliments your own style of play there for making it easier to win, as you will feel comfortable playing as you always have. If the table that you wish to play on is already full this is not a problem, all poker rooms offer the function of joining a waiting list for the table of your choice. Once you are on the waiting list you will be notified when a seat on that table becomes available, you will then be able to place your chips down and play.

One important thing to remember is that online gambling is fine as long as you do not get addicted to it or lose important sums of money. So please do not try getting a loan in order to play Texas Holdem online. Only use money that is set aside for entertainment and if you cannot afford to lose anything, play the micro-limits at Titan Poker, which start at $0.01/$0.02. This way you should not be able to lose any significant amount of cash, just dimes and pennies. If you are on a tight budget, do not use your payday to make a big deposit each month. Use simple bankroll management so you know exactly what your budget is every month, and do not use the rent money once you used all your budget. Go to the gym instead and wait for better days.