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Here's a quick summary of my path with online poker, and that is something that will better define my character I guess.

Like a good soldier, I spent many hours watching Poker after dark and the World Poker Tour on the television, learning from the advice of television commentators. Meanwhile I started to play mostly the poker variation called Texas Holdem Poker.

As the transition from NL10 to the WPT main event at the Borgata Monaco does not occur overnight, I knew it would be a slow learning process, for me a tedious step by step progress.

Poker is no exception to the rule, like any art, mastery is acquired through experience and practice.

If I have one word of advice to give to a beginner online pokere player, it would go like this: make progress step by step, apply strict bankroll management as it is the cornerstone of your poker skill building, never put yourself in a spot where are playing beyond your means and last but not least, be patient. The great poker players have tremendous patience.

In my opinion, patience is probably the most important quality in poker for many reasons, one of which is that it will help you avoiding going on tilt when a series of bad cards hurt you and lead to the unavoidable downswing.

Most players will lose their bankroll a few times at the beginning while they learn the key concept that bankroll management is the paramount skill to master before any other. Because it puts you in the face of reality: mathematically, you are a fish with a high chance of ruin. These are mistakes that you will learn from, and this can be a costly learning lesson. There are only a few true stars of poker, and many fish.

In addition, nothing is more important than the love of the game. You need to learn how to put aside the sums involved and not consider a sum gained until it is warm in your bank account. Your bankroll is a capital investment that can grow based on your performance and decrease following your setbacks.

You must accept that you are always at the mercy of chance. There are things that we cannot master in poker, which are delivered by the hands of Dame Fortune, but surely this game can be addictive no matter what.

So always exert extreme caution when playing online poker. Be careful and bet small amounts of money.