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Online Poker Results

Here's a quick summary of my recent online poker results.

A very good year so far for my body as I lost 10 pounds, if not for poker. Last month was a good month where I have more than doubled my bankroll thanks to a victory in an MTT.

After purchasing a laptop, a 3G subscription until January 2013, I am left with a $5,500 bankroll, not bad! I finally opted for two poker rooms to play at home, Party Poker and Pokerstars to play especially on the go with 3G reception average.

I have $3,000 at Party Poker. The objective is to cast in NL100 when my bankroll will be $5,000, then try to stay there and if not fall to $4,500 and go up there again until I can consistently play the tables at this limit. And of course participate in the tournaments from the VIP program.

$1,750 at Pokerstars. The objective is to stay positive, keep my VIP status and make the freeroll PlatinumStar VIP tournaments, which can potentially be very profitable. I will not play the same time as Winamax NL100, the equivalent level being slightly more difficult, but I am waiting to win over thousands of hands at the NL50 stake.

And I have had a bit more luck than usual in the recent months until 1 September. I really played 4,500 hands, all was well after my first break in 2,000 hands, when I turned to hand over 10/bb until I started to lose my 3 pots bet, I stopped counting 7 or 8, K2 vs. AA, AK vs 44, 77 QQ vs AA vs 35s, AA vs KT where I usually do not notice anything because 3-betting 3 out of 4 times you take the pot on the flop or the better one wins.

It hurts to know that against an opponent who does not let his small pocket pairs or its draws in the times when the fish will hit almost anything. It seems that one should not give priority to TPTK or in a 3 Bet pot 100BB deep, I speak against an opponent and not a flop with AA 9sTsJs.

Even the guy with his pocket pairs, even though he will probably not win in the long run, will not lose much, but the guy who calls the three bet with KT or 53s, I do not get it, and coincidentally KT is a flop AJQ, which of course I did not let go of my set of aces. After my first false start, I hope for good end of the year with a small handicap of 2 buy-ins.

Good luck to you!