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Here is a quick summary about one of my favorite online poker room: Party Poker.

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Party Poker is one of the first online poker room that offered poker over the Internet more than ten years ago. So you can find a lot of poker rooms online nowadays, but note that most of them are just copycats of the precursors such as Party Poker. Use a Party Poker Bonus Code when joining.

Party Poker used to be the number one room in the world for a long time. But they decided to leave the US market in 2006 following the new gambling law nicknamed UIGEA. It is not clear at all the implications of this law with respect to online poker operators such as Party Poker Bonus Code, and as they are a listed company they opted for the safest path.

As a consequence they lost a large portion of their market share, as the US market is the largest geographical market for poker online. Party Poker remains number three or four in the world and number one in Europe.

But as soon as the anti-gambling laws in the United States are repelled, Party Poker will be back in the USA and will regain its dominant position, it is expected.

For those not residing currently in the United States and above the minimum legal gambling age of their location, they can open a new player account at Party Poker and enjoy all the fun and action at their poker tables. Make sure to use a Party Poker bonus code to receive your 100% bonus up to $500.

Most European players have an account at Party, so if you are serious about poker, try it out.

Online poker is a fun game but it should not become an addiction. Play with moderation and mix it up with other fun things, like myself: dancing, going out, traveling... You do not want to spend too much time in front of your computer every day.

Also at Party Poker, you will be able to see three famous poker professionals: Mike Sexton, Tony G. and Kara Scott. And who knows you may even play against them, either in the ring games or tournaments.

So no need to wait longer, visit Party Poker today.