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Las Vegas

The Entertainment Capital of the World

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Las Vegas, also known as the Entertainment Capital of the World is one of the densely populated cities of the United States belonging to the state of Nevada. The greatest attractions include shopping, gambling as well as fine dining. The casino hotels are the major places lighting up the city at night making it a dream come true experience. The population recorded in the year 2010 in the metropolitan area of Las Vegas was 1,951,269.

The city comes under the county seal of Clark County and is engulfed by dry mountains situated on the desert floor in an arid basin. The climate of this region is that of a subtropical desert type similar to the Mojave Desert. Las Vegas remains sunny throughout the year and is known to have over 3,800 hours of sunshine in total.

The summer is dry and hot with the lowest night temperature ranging from 69 -78 F and that of the daytime temperature highs at 94 - 104 F. The summer months are June, July, August and September. Humidity is recorded to be of 10% thus remaining low often.

Winter is mild with smaller duration recording day high temperature of 60 F and the night low temperature of 40F. At times temperatures drop down to freezing of 32 F and very rarely falls below it.

The casinos and hotels are the major pulling factor of Las Vegas. Entertainment and the gambling industry are more focused in the Las Vegas Strip area, the majority located away from the city surrounding Paradise which is known to be an unincorporated community. Here you can find some of the tallest and mesmerizing building and casinos.

Las Vegas is a perfect package with lot to do and in such cases it is always good to shortlist at least the top attractions so that you never miss them. Here are some of the magnificent ones you must visit:

Las Vegas is not over with these as there is lot more to be visited. A few others include The Stratosphere Tower, Fermont Street Experience at the Downtown, Adventuredome at the Circus Hotel, the Eiffel Tower replica, tasty and adorning food, gambling, casinos and lot more entertainment you will remember for a lifetime. All it takes to visit every single place is to sketch it accordingly before you start the travel and move as planned.